VASANS BOOK STALL was established on Feb 6, 1977 in North Chithrai Street, Madurai, Tamilnadu near the world famous Meenakshi Amman Temple. In early years VASANS BOOK STALL that catered to the needs of the student community in Madurai and its suburbs soon rose to great heights, and now it is like a banyan tree fulfilling the academic needs of both teachers and students in the whole of Tamilnadu. We are proud as well as humble enough to say that in the course of 39 years we have done an excellent service by way of selling texts and authentic guides to the academic institutions and the students in the state.

What is Sold?

  • VASANS BOOK STALL mostly caters to the needs of B.A., and M.A. English Literature Students, universities and autonomous institutions in Tamilnadu by selling Text books and VASANS GUIDES under umpteen titles.
  • Authentic Secondary sources in English Language and Literature are also sold.
  • We sell Text Books for Part – II English for various Degree Courses (Viz., Selected Prose Collections, Selected Indian Verse / English Verse / Modern Poetry / Selected Short Stories) published by the leading Text Book Publishers in Tamilnadu : Harrows Publications and Manimekala Publishing House.
  • We also Sell Popular English Litt. North Indian Guides.
  • English Text Books prescribed for the Autonomous Colleges are also available with us.
  • You can purchase / order foreign editions also from our shop.

Salient Features:

It is a pleasure to introduce VASAN GUIDES to all students and teachers who wish to embark upon an intellectual odyssey across the great literary classics. All titles in this series have been designed to meet the requirement of Degree and Post-graduate Degree Students of English Litt., who wish to be guided on the proper path of comprehending and answering the texts apart from the explanation provided by their respective invaluable teachers.

Considering the economic circumstances of the student community, the books and guides are priced at a very lower cost.


Why Vasans Guides are Popular?

  • VASANS GUIDES have been an indispensible aid to students in Tamilnadu since 1977.
  • VASANS GUIDES are available for a wide range of individual literary works. Clear, Conscise explanations and summary details are provided along with interesting interpretations and evaluations. All these have been done as per the syllabus and question paper pattern of various universities / autonomous institutions in Tamilnadu’.
  • VASANS GUIDES allow the students to pay greater attention to lectures and spend less time taking notes. This will result in a broader understanding of the work being studied and will free the student for increased participation in discussions.
  • VASANS GUIDES are written by expert Professors in their fields. Their wide scholarship and vast experience as teachers in universities and reputed colleges in best used by us in the preparation of guides.
  • VASANS GUIDES are an invaluable aid for review and examination preparations as well as an invitation to explore different interpretive paths.
  • VASANS GUIDES serve not only to clarify the work being studied, but enhances the reader’s enjoyment of the topic.